Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dockdogs Dog Wetsuits

Dog  Wetsuits are found only at online specialty stores like Dog's Nite Out for only about $35.00 and they run at most other competing websites at $45-50 dollars which is not bad, knowing how much my fullsuit wetsuit cost a few hundred dollars that I use for surfing in the winter.

Yes the water temperature in Southern California can get pretty chilly down to the low 50's, which is way to cold on the bones for a human as well as even a big dog.

The neoprene doggie wetsuits are 2mm thickness!

Made with performance ultra light super stretch neoprene. Perfect for colder water!

38-75 degrees F / 3-23 degrees C 

Perfect for Dog Surfing, Dog Hunting, Water Dog Rehab, Search & Rescue Dogs and any dog that loves the water

• 3 Sizes (Medium, Large, XLarge)

• Available in 3 colors with side Dog Camo
  (Black, Red, and Blue).

• Side zippers for easy putting on/off also
   1 Zipper underneath the belly

• Easy to clean!

• Weather & Water Resistant and made with    
  Environmentally Sustainable Materials!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dog Wetsuits

Dog Wetsuits

I was looking for a wetsuit for my dog one day on the web, and I actually came across a website  called Dog Wetsuits and have the biggest selection dog wetsuits I seen by any company. Dog wetsuits are great for any dog like mine that loves playing in the water, surfing, kayacking and more! There wetsuits were also featured on ESPN for Women

These wetsuits are great for dogs who love the water, whether they are swimming, surfing, dock jumping thes neoprene insulating wetsuits will keep your dog warmer and in the water longer,

Many river dogs and hunting dogs break ice in rivers and streams and causes much unecessary stress to the dog, which can be eliminated by using the Dockdogs Dog Wetsuits! Sorry but I tried the Cabela's 5mm Neoprene Flotation Vest with Armor-Flex™ Chest Protector for my Lab, but at 5mm even in the ice water it was to thick for him to swim in warm I'm sure but no movement.